In 1927, seven people under the leadrship of Rev.Perkin Robinson, met in the 1700 block of Aberden Place and organized what was then the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Terrace.  Worship was held in the homes of members until the group rented a lumber yard house from Wollington Lumber Company across Hanley Road.


In April 1928, ground breaking ceremonies were held and construction began on a church located at 7926 West Bruno. In 1939, the corner stone was laid and the name was changed to: First Baptist of Maplewood.


During the church's history, some fifteen ministers have served as Pastor, including our present pastor, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Malone


The building was remodeled and many improvements were made throughout the years.  In 1967, under pastor Re. Donald Hunter, the membership decided a new and larger place of worship was needed.  In June of 1967, a building fund drive was launched and constant work and encouragement enabled the church to secure a construction loan, in December 1970 the loan was approved.


The former building was demolished in February 1971, and construction beganin Marchof 1971 at the 7926 west Bruna location.  We worshiped in the gymnasium of the Lincoln school of the Special School district, which was located at 7917 Thomas Place until the new church was completed.


A building was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Benson Lewis, rehabilitated and dedicated as the Williams-Hunter Education Center.

Rev. Victor Williams founded the Saturday Academy Learning Center

and was pastor twenty years, he was called to pastor Greenspoint Baptist Church in Houston, Texas in May of 1998


In October of 1998, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Malone II was called to pastor.  Rev. Malone had been Rev. Williams assistant for three years prior. His calling marked an unprecedented event in our church's history. He too, as with his predecessors accepted his first pastorate. Our church continues to be a training and proving ground for God's annointed.


Under the leadership of Pastor Malone, the church has experienced a rebirth and excitement in our spirituality and growth. We relocated to our present location and continue the work of building the kingdom of God.