Our ministries are designed to empower, enhance, and enlighten the spirit that dwells in you. We explore the indwelling of the Holy Spirit utilizing the God given talents of individuals to move them to place of manifestation of God through Christ in their lives

Thursday: 12:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm
Intercessary prayer focusing on the Spirit of Love
Elders / Seniors

SMART: (Seniors Mentoring At Risk Teens) Initiative designed to match at-risk-teens with Seniors to help them develope self-esteem, social empowerment skills.

Seniors Day/Night out: Day shopping trips/Bowling/Liesure activties


Sunday school

10:00 am: Bible based curriculum utilizing Sunday School instructional guidelines.

Youth Ministry:                        
 Activities and Initiatives
 Drama, Praise/Interpretive dance, Educational trips, Night at the Ballpark
Adult and Youth Chiors
Rehearsal: Tuesday's 7:00 pm [Postponed]



May God bless these endeavors?

  • Initiating Care Group for Kingdom Closet

  • To consist of at least (4) four volunteers

  • One person responsible for all announcements

  • One person organizing monthly giveaway

  • One person arranging pick up and drop off of donations

  • Public Relations person


  • Gospel Kingdom Exposure

  • Core group of volunteers

  • To be assigned – Sponsorship – Kingdom Builders CDC, etc.

  • Create marketing strategy for Gospel Kingdom Exposure

  • Getting stage prepared for concerts

  • Soliciting talent

  • Create broad base of reserve talent

  • Correspond with other churches regarding talent

  • Create dialogue with Kingdom Builders CDC in conjunction with soliciting talent from schools

  • Correspond with other churches (at least 10) regarding ticket sales

  • Bus Ministry – Provides transportation for church activities, field trips, Senoir Citizen day trips, youth education/learning trips

  • Our mission is to give exposure to the people that God has blessed with talent that will be used for the building of God’s Kingdom.

    Our goal will be to put on 3 – 4 plays in addition to other talents.

    Once the kitchen is up and running it can be utilized for self-sufficiency of the church outreach.